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We help educreators design and run online communities where their superfans can thrive.

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Communities For Every Niche ⚡️

Building a sustainable $100k/year community business is now a reality.

Professional Growth

Groups around career development, industry verticals, entrepreneurship or industry sector make for good recurring revenues.

Nerdy & Geeky

On the internet, there's no dearth of engaging content and conversations around stimulating topics that'll expand your horizons.

Hobbies & Experiences

From gardening to skydiving, painting to building ant-farms. The internet has a home for all things that make live worth living.

Personal Development

There's ample room for organising our thoughts, picking up mental frameworks, building habits and being accountable.

Communities We 💚


Jack Butcher is helping ambitious people in the community master their mental health and build independent income.


Deepak Shenoy delivers actionable insights on equities, fixed-income, macros and personal finance.


Abhinav Chhikara is helping UI/UX designers level up through weekly training, feedback and opportunities.